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About us

There is a place where nature decided to go beyond what it had already been created so far... In Sardinia, the time stops as if it waits for the sky's colours to change, softening and easily intensifying themselves with the arrival of the fresh and intense mistral or the warm sirocco. Spending time in Sardinia is not a simple holiday, it means to forget what is beyond the sea for getting lost in another unknown dimension. Since 20 years Sognimmobiliari works every day from Porto Cervo, the crown jewel of the Costa Smeralda, to bring people to live, breath and love this ancient land. Sognimmobiliari knows what are the ways clients approach this beautiful island, we know the dynamics of an important choice of a villa or any other housing solution. We know the delicate process of high-level transactions and thanks to our long experience we quickly face them with efficiency without compunction for the clients. We ensure an unforgettable and unique experience. Living Costa Smeralda is not only renting or buying a luxury villa... that's only the starting point.


Carmen Marrazzo

Senior Agent

+39 348 4773942

+39 0789 970050

Maria Giovanna Canu

Junior Agent

+39 344 1238191

+39 0789 970050